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Please Check out the September 2013 Issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence where a recent channeling of mine has been published. 

The channelling, received from Archangel Uriel,  is entitled "Recognize Your Inner Sanctity "  With this channeling I also received a sacred geometric drawing called "Pattern Breaker"  intended to be used to work through and release/heal old patterning and belief systems that no longer serve you.

The September issue can still be purchased as a back issue.  Please Click Here .


W h a t   I s   W e l l n e s s   R e a l l y?

Is it being in the condition of an Olympic athlete?  Having the body of a supermodel?  Is it being able to enjoy your life to the fullest regardless of physical condition?  Or do you perhaps seek to bring healing to a physical condition or disease that has been troubling you?  Is it about mental abilities and intelligence?  Is it about being emotionally healthy and vibrant in your personal relationships?  What about spiritual evolvement and the attainment of wisdom?  And could a definition of wellness include transitioning out of the physical body in a state of peace?

In my belief system, wellness is a term that can only be defined by each unique individual. 


My job is to help people define this for themselves, and to move in the direction of what they envision.   In this process I view my role as guide, facilitator of experience, reflective sounding board, holder of space, and channel of healing energy.  So whether you work in private session with me, or come to experience a course or a group channeling session, my intention for my work is the same.  To ultimately empower you - through your own experience - to learn to do and BE these things for yourself. 

And know that your answers are always within you.  Although you may need to shift your consciousness a bit to find them. 

While people often come seeking healing with physical ailments that are distressing them; wellness, or health, is never confined to the auspices of the physical body.  We are truly spiritual beings.  We are also holographic beings living in a holographic, reflective universe.  Viewing the body both holographically and energetically greatly expands our knowledge and wisdom around our own health and definitions of wellness. 

As part of the human experience you have been gifted not only with a physical body; but with emotional, mental, spiritual, and karmic bodies as well.  Because each part contains a piece of the whole (when seeing through a holographic viewpoint) all of these bodies are in constant communication and interaction with each other.  Therefore, what happens within one field impacts the other energetic fields.  As such, what often appears as dis-ease in the physical body often has its origin somewhere else – held emotional trauma, or limiting mental belief systems for example.  Because the physical plane is energetically the densest, it will generally be the last place an out of balance issue presents.

Working with the energy systems of the body touches all of these places.   The truth is that this is a powerful way to facilitate deep and profound transformation in your own wellness.  Then watch your life shift dramatically as well.  The most subtle of shifts can have far reaching effects.

So I encourage you to explore the wondrous being that is you.

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