Jennifer Kolikoff

             W h a t' s   t h i s   a l l   A b o u t ?


I view my work as an ever-evolving process, with an unchanging foundation.  My intention for my work is most certainly to be of service.  It is also to facilitate healing, and experiences of deeper connection to self, Higher Self, and Spirit for others.  I believe in empowering people to find these places for themselves in their own evolution and journey on this planet.  I see that in the facilitation of experiences that allow one to connect to higher states of being, they come to KNOW for themselves who they are,  how they can bring healing to themselves and their lives, what they are here to do, and how they can live in integrity and peace with themselves.  For when one connects to these places, one begins to ultimately find that sense of peace and contentedness that we are meant to live in.  And it is also from this place that we can begin to find the clarity and courage to lead an inwardly guided life.  To step beyond the externally imposed limitations and conditions that we often unconsciously acquiesce to; and instead find the joy of living one's own truest expression of self. 

I would also like to express that I do consider my work to be spiritual in nature.  I allow myself to be intuitively led and guided through all aspects of my work, for this is the foundation of my own expression in the world.  I realize that saying the word "spiritual" can be off-putting for some, but it is my inherent intention to honor that we are truly spiritual beings.  It is also the place where the greatest potency in this work comes through.  However my work is NOT about religion.  I need to clarify this.  I honor all faiths and religions; as well as the complete absence of belief in any of them.  There is nothing forced upon anyone, nor would you be required to adhere to a specific viewpoint that is mine. 

I would describing what I offer as a tree with many limbs:


Integrative Healing Artistry

Spiritual Teacher and Guide


Interactive Mediumship

Sacred Space

I hope that you will explore the pages of this website to learn more about how I can help you.

Although energy work can be subtle, and a direct connection between the work that you are doing, and the changes you see within your life do not always show a clear correlation; rest assured that there is something happening.  This is the beautiful gift - the jewel in the lotus if you will - of embarking upon this path.  Your life will shift in magical, and amazing ways.  You begin to have greater awareness of self, and of the world around you.  And you will find that you begin to engage with life in a wholly different manner.  

In short, it is often the transformative aspects of energetic work that always continue to excite and fascinate me.

I look forward to working with you!