P r a x i s

The experience of higher states of being are so much more valuable to you in healing yourself or your life than any words that I could speak to you, or that you could read and attempt to comprehend with your mind.  Who you are is not your mind.  It is not your thoughts.  You are an interwoven and integral part of a vast creation of beauty beyond anything your mind can even comprehend.  When you can come to know this from your own experiencial connection to that vast stream of Love and Divinity, you will begin to understand through pathways of wisdom that far surpass what your mind give you, the limitless being that you truly are.  There are no exceptions.  Praxis is that experiential knowing that begins to move you out of 'doing' and into states of 'being'.

According to Wikipedia:

"Praxis is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practiced, embodied, or realised...

Praxis is also key in meditation and spirituality, where emphasis is placed on gaining first-hand experience of concepts and certain areas, such as union with the Divine, which can only be explored through praxis due to the inability of the finite mind (and its tool, language) to comprehend or express the infinite."

I refer to this as an Educational Praxis Center, because it is a heart-centered, experience based learning process that I offer to you in all of the courses that I present.  What follows are the specific retreats, classes and workshops for you to choose from.

The Forgiveness Retreat

Forgiveness is a deeply powerful means for bringing healing into your life.  It is an ultimate tool of the Divine.  And the power it can have to transform things is unsurpassed.  The Human Condition would be greatly aided if only we would learn how to forgive. 

But we say, " I can forgive, but I cannot forget."  Is this truly forgiveness if one cannot forget?  Or perhaps we say "I am not ready to forgive."  It is always the right time, for with the act of forgiveness comes freedom and deep healing.  And the most disconcerting;   "I will never forgive this."  To remain in this state keeps one chained to whomever and whatever we cannot forgive.  It blocks the free-flowing nature of your humanity and your life.  And it keeps us stuck in the repetition of patterns where we continually recreate life situations that show us some version of the unforgivable circumstance.

In this workshop I offer you the opportunity to experience forgiveness as a dynamic state of Being which honors the interconnectedness of all things.  When we can come to understand deeply through our own experiential knowing this ultimate nature of Truth, we find that there is no one else out there to do anything to us.  When there is no one else, there is no separation.  And in this singularity the nature of Truth is revealed. 

This is praxis at its heart. 

Come with an open mind and be prepared for a powerful, experience based retreat.

The forgiveness course is specifically designed as a three day retreat in order to provide a container for participants to explore the nature of forgiveness, to process their experiences, and to allow them the freedom from their daily lives - often including the people and circumstances that they may be working on.  I believe strongly in the significance of this structure for providing the deepest and most transformational experience possible.  This is why I ask that you limit contact with home and work as much as possible while you are here; and if you can, allow yourself the complete disconnection from your daily life for these three days. 

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Story Time

The Power of Personal Mythology

In this course we explore the nature of the stories we tell ourselves and how this creates limitation and re-wounding in our lives.   How many of  our stories are an outgrowth of beliefs that we have held about ourselves, that are based in a paradigm of  guilt and shame, and the separation from our truest nature.  Without even realizing it, we come to see our stories as who we ARE.  I can assure you that you are NOT your story.  You are so much more!

We will examine the nature of stories, fairytales and mythology as archetypal paradigms that are truly windows into the human condition and our personal life stories.  How do myths and tales throughout history reflect what we experience in the workings of our own lives, and what do they have to teach us?  Can this outside-looking-in view give us a different and perhaps larger, less attached perspective on our experiences?

You will  have the opportunity to examine your own stories in this experiential workshop.  How have they limited you, and what has keep you tied to them?  And as well, what are the gifts that each tale holds, and can we see that light within them?  We will honor them for what we have learned; the strength, wisdom and skill we have gained by living in our life dramas

Then we will release them in ceremony - letting them go; while integrating the wisdom and other gifts we have received by "playing out"  the stories of our past.

In guided meditation we look within to see who we really are, honoring our unique qualities.  What is our Divine Life Purpose, and how can we begin to embark on that journey?  What wisdom can we bring from our life experiences to share with others?  Finally, we will begin to craft a new story -- our own Personal Mythologies -- this time from a place of greater connection and understanding of our true nature and purpose.

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Metaphysical Meditation Classes

A Metaphysical Meditation Class for Intuitive Development, Self-Awareness & Healing

No meditation experience is required!

Please bring a journal for recording your experience, and an open mind for metaphysical exploration.  Time is left for group sharing and discussion at the end of our weekly meditation journey.

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Classes run for 2 hours, one evening per week

"Oh the places you'll go"  Dr. Seuss