Here are some of the things that clients and students have to say:

"Jennifer is a truly gifted healer.  She has an amazing ability to connect with aspects of me that I wasn't even aware of.  My session with her was the most powerful session I've ever had!  I would recommend her to anyone!"  Laura S.

"I was overwhelmed by your session with me."  Jennifer Mitchell, Scottsdale AZ

"Working with you has changed so many things in my life. When you Channel the "Divine Presence" while the words are so lovely and healing and informative ~ Something just happens and things change for ONLY the good in your life. A quote from some old friends of mine...."WHERE DID MY FRIEND KAROLINE GO -THE ONE I KNEW BEFORE" Thank you Thank you Thank you for not only being my dear friend but sharing the "Divine Presence" with me. I KNOW when people work with you and the "Divine Presence" they will find PEACE and have nothing but LOVE in their lives. I love you JENN!"  Karoline Ibsen, Setauket NY

"Jennifer is an outstanding spiritual teacher who cares at the deepest level for her work and clients.  I had the pleasure of experiencing a spiritual workshop she presented in October, 2012 and was blown away by her ability to take a room of 50 women, from all walks of life, on a journey of the heart. Her approach is a combination of deep spiritual knowledge and gentle loving energy that she shares through her teaching and personal experience.  During her workshop I experienced healing tears, an enlightened awaking around what I was holding onto that kept weighing me down. I truly felt the presence and a deeper connection with my higher power.  Jennifer is also a powerful intuitive, there have been numerous encounters where, with permission, she channeled information that was personal, helpful and insightful.  If you are looking for someone who is trustworthy, passionate about spirituality, and can lead you on a journey while gaining clarity and love for yourself and your life, then you must know Jennifer."

   Jessica Corral, Partner - Headfarmer LLC