W h a t   i s   C h a n n e l i n g

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the art of channeling, I thought that it would be helpful to provide you with some basic information.  Channeling, while often associated with "new-agey" woowoo spiritual stuff is actually a rather ancient practice.  In my best definition of the experience, channeling is the allowing of a spirit 'being' or collective of energies to use your physical body to speak or convey energy through.  There are channels that would be considered a "full-trance" channel.  In this case,the consciousness of the human channel actually leaves the body and the spirit entity comes in to speak.  In this case, the channel would not remember or hear the messages being spoken.  At this time I am not working as a "full-trance" channel.  There are others who channel by allowing their consciousness to step aside, while those being channeled come in to deliver the message.  I fall into this category.  I hear and remember what is being said, but it is not me that is saying it.  

W h o   i s   T h e   D i v i n e   P r e s e n c e

I am the channel  for The Divine Presence.  The Divine Presence is essentially the feminine aspect of G-d.  In the Kabbalistic Traditions, she would be known as Shechina or Shekinah. I have found that the luminous, loving and healing energy that comes through in the channeling is a powerful aspect of the message of the Divine Presence.   In other words, being in her presence, in her vibration, is often the most significant portion of the channelings; and there are times when she/they wish to be in silence while simply transmitting energies to us.

If we look more deeply at this we will come to understand that there are inherent limitations to language when communing with the Divine, and that words most readily feed the mind.  It is the vibration that is being conveyed that is opening things and bringing healing to peoples' lives, and that connects us in our experience to these higher vibrational places.

C h a n n e l i n g s

I do both group and individual channeling sessions.

having an individual channeling session is like having a powerful personal reading/healing with The Divine Presence.  Individual sessions can take place in person, or over the phone.  In either case, you will receive a copy of your reading to listen and refer to later.  Individual sessions are available anytime, so if this speaks to you, please call to schedule one!

Group Channelings take place as an event, and there is time available for participants to ask questions after the general message is completed.  Check back soon for an upcoming date and venue for a group channeling of

The Divine Presence.